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Is Steampunk a home decor?

You know ,I have been creating Steampunk functional pieces for the home. But, is this genre open to the acceptance of this as a home decor item or even functional. I have sold many in this sector but would like to hear from others. 

Steampunk Today

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Steampunk fashion new?

Steampunk fashion uses many layers on interesting bygone pieces but is it new or just rehashed?

Steampunk House

Is it possible to furnish a complete house in Steampunk?.

A Steampunk Christmas

How about a Steampunk Christmas Show...any one know if there is one in Toronto area

A Steampunk Christmas

How about a Steampunk Christmas there one anywhere in the Toronto area or north?


Do you know what Steampunk is without out looking it up?
If so do you know any movies that use the Steampunk genre as their main platform OR do you have examples of Steampunk being used in movies?

Steampunk Time

I hope you get a chance to check out my very first website
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If you have any questions just ask, I hope that Steampunk will make you think about what is possible.
I can create ANY item in a Steampunk artistic style.
Phill Holder