Phill Holder's Steampunk Factory - HANDCRAFTED ICONIC PIECES
zeppelinSteampunk and my creations 
There are many slightly varied definitions of what Steampunk is however the main considerations are that it's a Steam age or Victorian view of what life would be like in THEIR future with a punk Gothic edge. So... with every thing we have today...what would THEY envision it to be in THEIR future.
With this in mind Steampunk is a look back at the future that never happened.
If you can get your head around that then a whole wonderful world opens up to your senses and adventure guides you.
Many of my Steampunk pieces are based on using 1900's foundry patterns. These patterns where created by Highly skilled craftsman to produce gears, cogs and anything to do with metal parts.
These wood patterns are then pushed into a sand that would hold the form of the pattern. At this point the pattern is removed and liquid metal is poured into the sand and when cooled the machine part is produced.
So when you are in my website and I say this piece uses four patterns, this means that four different foundry patterns have been used to create a single Steampunk piece.
The remainder of the parts used on each piece come from all over the world in order to make the perfect Steampunk work of art just for You. Many of my pieces are functional such as clocks, mirrors, tables and lamps.
Enjoy and Cheers
Steampunk Phill