Phill Holder's Steampunk Factory - HANDCRAFTED ICONIC PIECES

Amazing Steampunk clock - SOLDVery useful Steampunk Coat Rack - SOLDSimple but elegant Steampunk  Mirror - SOLDLarge Steampunk Clock Steampunk Emobilizer Pistol Award Winning Steampunk SubmarineTruly one of a kind Steampunk Coffee tableSteampunk Pirate ArtGreat Steampunk RifleThis Steampunk Outboard motor tells you anything can be Steampunk'd!Incredible Steampunk Bar Stool!Steampunk games tablesSteampunk mind reader? WOW!A Simply Beautiful Steampunk Lamp Look out, What a piece, a Steampunk CommunicatorA truly beautiful Steampunk Guitar!To the moon with this Steampunk rocketA Metropolis styled BirdhouseBikes beware with this  pair of Steampunk Cycle lampsAn Alice in Wonderland style'd Steampunk BirdhouseBorn to be Wild with this Steampunk cycleA huge Steampunk Sun clockGreat Steampunk Cycle ClockSteampunk Projector LampSteampunk Bug Eye LampA wonderful little Steampunk Clock fanFull size Steampunk Gatiling Ray Gun full imageSteampunk clock Fabulous Steampunk IPhone player